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window cleaningYour windows are getting dirtier and they are now blurring your nice view? Exterior window cleaning, however, is not a job everyone should, especially if you have huge panoramic windows and you are located on the highest floor. All House Clean Ltd. has a solution to your problems – call us now and we’ll provide you with professional window cleaning at the right price and a convenient time. We offer flexibility and efficiency – home or office, your windows will shine again in no time. Our service is widely preferred because:

  • The filtered water we use doesn’t leave stains and prevents dust build-up
  • You can combine window, patio, driveway or gutter cleaning and get up to 20% discount
  • 24/7 client care service
  • We clean from distance, so your personal privacy is ensured
  • Well-trained and insured cleaners London

Got fed up with these dirty windows? Then pick up the phone and call our call center at 020 3746 4440 or just send our online request. We’ll respond as quickly as possible. The window cleaners North London  we’ll dispatch to you will deliver efficient windows cleaning service for all kinds of windows located up to the 4th floor. For higher floors, we can provide a team of experienced rope access cleaners at the best windows cleaning price in the area. Not even Spiderman could reach out and clean your windows as our cleaners would if you decide to call us!

Expert Home or Office Window Cleaners North London

In order to achieve great results, we use a powerful water purification method. This technique involves draining regular tap water off its minerals, thus leaving a bare water particle which is far lighter and sticks much easier to dirt, soil and also grime.

Then we use this water to clean also the dirtiest window exteriors, reaching up to four stories in height. That is why, a telescopic water-fed pole is used, thus allowing us to clean windows from top to bottom. This method excludes the use of detergents. This is far better – if not washed properly, detergents tend to attract much more dirt & grime. Don’t forget that detergents have corrosive properties on P.V.C. windowpanes, thus causing the window seals and gasket to decay at a faster rate. This is why you should get your windows expertly treated – for better results and long-term protection.

When it comes to commercial cleaning – our long water rope & pole devices allows us to fully wash high business buildings. The cleaners we’ll dispatch  are skilled and discreet – you won’t even notice them! For more information and special business offers, please contact our 24-7 call centre.

About Us & Services Catalog

All House Clean Ltd. is a trustworthy cleaning company in North London. We were established almost 10 yrs ago, as a small carpet cleaning company. Throughout the years, we’ve expanded our services reach and today we provide a full list of business and home cleaning services. All those years we’ve been constantly improving our services, thus bringing more and more benefits to our clients. Our cleaning services are expertly carried out through effective planning which allows us to deliver quick and cheap window cleaning, while not compromising your discretion and the health of our cleansers. House owners, office managers, property owners, real estate agencies – they all had used our services and were quite pleased with the end. You can count on us when it comes to professional cleaning of:

  • Single & double windows hung sash windows
  • Skylight windows, Garden windows
  • French doors, small and big bay windows
  • Sills & Frames (only if they are PVC)
  • Conservatory windows and conservatory roofs

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Want to get your windows clean & sparkling once again? Then call us at 020 3746 4440 or fill in our online reservation form. Same-day and urgent cleaning is available, and so is cleaning on weekends or holidays. Also, we do not require any deposits. We promise great results at no time!

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