Handyman in 2020

Many people plan on becoming a handyman, considering how easy it looks from the other side when, in reality, being a handyman requires a lot of knowledge and professionalism. Do not mistake your neighbourhood guy for a handyman if he helps you in moving a few furniture. A handyman may also perform the same task, but they are licensed workers who have the training and experience in executing even the smallest tasks with professionalism. If you are planning to become a handyman, this guide will help you understand its basic requirements.

Handyman industry overview

Handymen play multiple roles while providing service to their clients which makes them the jack of all trades. Some of the responsibilities of a handyman include:

Fixing and building furniture

When you buy new furniture parts that need to be moved inside your house and built into usable furniture, a handyman can use his experience to perform this task with ease. Many furniture companies have their own handymen to take care of moving and installation of their furniture. They may also perform tasks like polishing and restoring antique furniture.

Pipeline and gutter work

Handymen have the right tools and knowledge to check the home pipelines and gutters for any problems and repair them. They may also possess the advanced plumbing knowledge to provide complete repair and replacement service, but most of the handymen perform only the basic tasks like cleaning and replacing.


Painting is one of the key skills of a handyman. They can paint residential and commercial properties with the best products, skills, and experience. They can also repair and clean the cracked walls before reapplying fresh paint on them. The difference between the usual painting and a handyman’s service is that you can enjoy better consistency and ideas of painting your room.


How to become a licensed handyman

You do not need a formal education to become a handyman beyond a high school diploma. If you can get professional training as a handyman for home repair works, you can become a handyman under the supervision of more skilled workers. A handyman should have an understanding of electricals, heating, plumbing, air conditioning systems, roofing, and painting. Many workers start learning the skills at an early age, so they have enough experience by the time they finish college.

Obtaining the license

Many regions may ask you to present a license to conduct your business as a handyman. It is a requirement due to the nature of the job, safety precautions, and general network between the handymen. You can enquire about the license for becoming a handyman with the government authorities and also find out your eligibility.

Getting the right training

The most important part of becoming a handyman is to get the training to perform even the simplest of tasks with professionalism. You can join the job training programs offered in your community college to start early so that you can immediately join the profession after you complete your graduation.

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