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upholstery cleaningYou don’t have to tolerate stained upholstery or cracking leather sofas! We are a professional upholstery cleaning company in London, that can treat any type of stain, drink spills, food leftovers, as well as unpleasant odours. We’ve been in the upholstery cleaning business in London for 10 years now and can guarantee the desired results every time. We are your safest bet in dealing with bad smells & stains.

Contact us now at 020 3746 4440 and order an affordable deep upholstery cleaning. Same day & urgent appointments, no deposits, no hidden fees. Well trained and insured cleaners; Prochem eco-friendly, child & pet safe detergents. 24-7 call center. Call us now and have your sofa clean and shiny once again!

NB! Should you choose to book two or more from our services, you will get a price discount of up to 20%.

Why Book Our Sofa Cleaning Service?

From fixing light damage on leather sofas to fully rejuvenating the fibers of your upholstery, All House Clean Ltd. is among the most reliable sofa cleaners throughout London. Choose us now and you’ll certainly benefit:

  • No more contouring or colour bleeding
  • Complete bad odour removal
  • Conditioned & protected upholstery fibers
  • No memory of previous stains and soiling
  • Accentuated upholstery aesthetic properties
  • Full bacteria removal

Upholstery Cleaning Methods Info

To provide you with the best upholstery cleaning Islington, we’ve improved upon some of the most widely used upholstery treatments and added our own professional touch. To cover every aspect of upholstery care, we implement:
Steam cleaning
– has the flexibility of mobile work stations that can access any upholstered furniture anywhere. Steam has a very far reaching touch that can clean hard to otherwise access depressions in the natural curve of any upholstery. Infused with a detergent, steam can be a cleaning miracle for most textile types. Because heat and water are used, synthetic and woolen materials are best cleaned with it – they can reap the most benefit out of such a powerful combination. We inject the steam into the fibers of the upholstery, it reacts with the stain and immediately removes it from the material – easy as that.

Dry cleaning – gives us more opportunity as it is a more gentle approach towards natural fibers and some synthetic ones. No moisture and heat are used meaning that substances like cotton and silk can be safely treated with no chance of shrinkage or damage. A dry, granulated detergent is spread over the affected area then brushed into the base of the upholstery with a fine brush. The compound needs 15 minutes to fully bind with the stain after which it can be removed – you get a ready to use upholstered furniture straight away.

Leather sofa cleaning – is a service that deals with things from light to hard staining, regular leather ware and tear as well as conditioning and rejuvenation. With this we can treat natural and synthetic leather successfully, without any chance of damaging or ruining the pristine colours of your leather couch. If anything we can accentuate them and make them pop, while simultaneously removing any imperfections. By using specialised leather treatment detergents and conditioners, in conjunction with a micro-fiber cloth, our technician lighting, with circular motions, can smooth our and even fully remove skin cracking that might have occurred with use.

Professional Upholstery Cleaners London – Book Us Now!

Call us today and get a thorough sofa & upholstery cleaning. Just dial 020 3746 4440 or complete out our booking form. While on the phone ask about our current deals and offers and get the scoop on some upcoming ones. The cleaning teams we employ are available from Monday through Sunday, 07:00 – 19:00. We accept credit & debit card (all except American Express), cheque, bank transfer or cash.

Save time and money with All House Clean today!

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