Taking Care Of Your Home Carpets & Rugs

Beyond any doubt you should have your carpet or rug cleaned at least once a year. And we’re telling you this not as a local carpet cleaning company but as people who own houses and have carpets and rugs as well. However, there are times when addressing a small stain doesn’t require to call a cleaner. In such times it’s really helpful to know a thing or two about spot and stain removing. Thus we have made a short post on the topic for your future reference and use.

Tackle It While It’s Wet

If you haven’t dealt with carpet or rug stains before you should now that once it dries, it gets a lot harder to remove. The secret is to clean the stain while it’s still wet. Thus you have better chances to remove it and save your home carpet fibres from permanent damage.

Always Blot

As a rule of thumb you should never rub a stain when trying to remove it. Always blot working your way from the outside to the inside. You have seen too many rugs or carpets ruined just because this rule hadn’t been applied! Rubbing a stain only sets liquids/substances deeper into the fibre and makes it a lot harder (sometimes impossible) to remove.

Begin With Water

There is a bunch of common stains that can be removed only with water like soda, pet accidents, milk, latex paint. It’s the least invasive substance which can’t in any way harm either fibres or your health. In case water doesn’t help always test your chosen solution on an inconspicuous area before using it onto the stain. When cleaning with water use clean, white towel and blot the stain. Sometimes you will have to repeat the process several times to get desired results.

How To Remove Sticky Substances?

If you like candles or your kids are fans of chewing gum you should be prepared to clean either wax or gum from your domestic carpet or delicate rugs. Usually sticky spots are quite easy to clean provided that you know how to do it. If you don’t, here is how. First, use ice cubes to harden the sticky area. Place the cubes in a plastic bag and press it to the spot. Once the substance is hardened use blunt object like a spoon to scrape it off the surface. Remaining residue is removed with rubbing alcohol.

Spot Clean Natural Fiber Rugs and Carpets

Cleaning a rug made of natural fibres is a little bit tricky. These items are very gentle. For a start, you should know to use only water with them as harsh substances cause damage. Use warm, soapy water and soft brush to scrub the stain. Rinse well and use clean towel to dry it. You should be extremely vigorous and dry it well as water weakens natural fibres. You can clean it inside provided that you palce a sheet of plastic beneath to protect your floors.

We hope our tips will help you clean stained carpets or rugs. We have found two comprehensive table for removing every rug or carpet stain imaginable. Here you can read more about spring cleaning.

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