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All House Clean Ltd. employees are highly qualified and able to carry on efficient cleaning session through an in-depth understanding of pile structure, texture, and fibers. You can be sure they will select the right cleaning approach for the best results at the minimum risk for your family’s health, carpeting or upholstery.

Carpet Cleaning – probably our most frequently booked service in North London. We give you carpet and any other kind of cleaning that you might need for your property. There is no need in dealing with different cleaning companies, just call us now and get your personalized quote. Bear in mind that when you book combined cleaning services, you will get a discount. For more info, please visit our carpet cleaning page.

Rug Cleaning – we can take care for a valuable Persian rug without a problem as well. Investing a large amount of money in such piece of art requires investing in proper care and maintenance. Our expert rug cleaners are competent and experienced to clean any type of rug – be it a cheap rug bought online or a vintage one from an antique shop. For more info, please visit our rug cleaning page.

Upholstery Cleaning – although most of our work comes from cleaning carpets or rugs in North London, we get to clean and take care for upholstered furniture and leather sofas as well. We have a team of expert upholstery cleaners who can revive an old sofa or clean to perfection your leather couch. For the different types of materials and fabrics, we use various approaches always using the most appropriate one for outstanding results and satisfied customers. For more info, please visit our sofa & upholstery cleaning page.

End-Of-Tenancy Cleaning – many London residents face difficulties finding a budget-friendly and reliable end of tenancy service provider. As an expert cleaning company, All House Clean Ltd. knows that only a perfectly carried overall domestic cleaning will help tenants get their full deposit back. As we partner with many landlords, we are well aware of their checklist and so we know all these property spots they always put much emphasis on when inspecting. Choose us now and we will help you leave the accommodation you are now inhabiting in pristine condition.

One-Off Cleaning – regular small time domestic cleaning is a great thing to do, but after a certain point it’s just not enough to get your home thoroughly clean & sanitized. Carpets & upholstery fibers tend to hold millions of tiny dust particles and microorganisms, that at some point might become a danger to your household’s health. Also, there are various types of spills that if not treated momentarily, embed deep into the tissues of your sofa or rug, which makes them extremely hard to remove. Using our deep one off cleaning service will ensure you full domestic cleanness and sanitation, plus will save you some money and precious time.

Windows Cleaning – exterior window cleaning is not a job everyone should do, especially if you have huge panoramic windows and you are located on the second floor and upwards. Our technicians are well trained and have the proper technique to quickly clean windows surfaces of all sizes. Besides, the detergents that they use are non-toxic and  won’t harm your windows panes. Book us today and have perfectly clean windows for a great price!

Mattress Cleaning – we offer you this cleaning service to prevent asthma and any kind of skin diseases, caused by the bed bugs and the bacteria hidden in your mattress. We have the right cleaning machines and detergents to Our cleaners will professionally remove the allergens from the mattress upholstery so you can have a better health and peaceful sleep. For more info, please visit our mattress cleaning page.

Oven Cleaning – cleaning your oven regularly is important: that is the place where you prepare food and it should be perfectly clean. Some microorganisms can indeed withstand these extreme heat conditions. Combined with grease and burned leftovers, all that toxic waste can cause you health issues if it accidently falls in your food while cooking. Besides, deep oven cleaning is a time-consuming job – why waste time on your range oven, when we can clean it for you quickly at a reasonable price?

Hard Floor Cleaning – we successfully treat all types of hard floors: hardwood (parquet, laminate, engineered and real wood), slate & stone, tiles and vinyl. Our polishing & buffing methods will ensure floor color rejuvenation. Our cleaners London are well trained and use tested professional detergents – no harm will ever come to your delicate laminate or parquet floor. Book our hard floor cleaning service now and have your floor gleaming & smooth once again.

Curtain Cleaning – our cleaning technicians will leave your curtains looking fresh and smelling good. Choose our drapery cleaning service and let us bring back the original colors and the fresh smell of your curtains.

After Builders Cleaning –  once the renovation is over, there’s plenty of dust and leftover materials left on the ground. Your place now looks like a building site. Removing all this dirt seems like a hard and time-consuming job. That is why you should leave it to us – book after builders cleaning now and we’ll take away all these nasty garbage piles. Your home will shine once again.

Services Upon Request

Scotchgard Treatment – a strong water repellent, Scotchgard protects all types of fabrics (carpets, rugs, furniture) from oilish stains and colored liquid spills.
Dry Cleaning Systems – our professional dryers will have your premises totally in very short time – your children will be able to play on the carpet only an hour after the cleaning treatment.
Office Cleaning – we provide quality cleaning services to businesses too – landlords, property managers, corporate offices, trading centers. Call us and get your customized business offer now.

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Wait no more and call us now at 020 3746 4440 or complete our booking form. All the cleaners we’ll send you are well trained and certified. They can apply all cleaning solutions safely without any risk to your family or four-legged friends. The detergents they use are environmentally friendly and completely harmless to your children and domestic animals. We have 24/7 call center and work from Monday to Sunday, from 07:00 to 19:00. Here, you can find more info on our pricing and deals.

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