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rug cleaningRugs can have impressive aesthetic merit but need to be cleaned regularly, so they can keep their appeal. Luckily we are a professional rug cleaning London company that specialises in the treatment & care of expensive and delicate rugs. With a careful approach and 10 years of experience, we are confident that the professional cleaners we work with can give you the best rug cleaning experience you have had! So do you want to see your rug smooth and shiny once again? Then reach out for your phone and dial 020 3746 4440. Our 24/7 call center agents will then quickly respond to all your cleaning regarded questions and help you choose the best cleaning services package – fair & fixed rates; multiple order discounts of up to 20%! We are available the very same day, as well as during weekends and bank holidays. All our clients can also benefit from our 30-minute urgent booking slots!

Why Book All House Clean Ltd.?

Apart from protecting the immaculate aesthetics of your precious rugs, we can guarantee total clean, no allergens and full colour and textile rejuvenation. You can greatly benefit from our expert rug cleaning because it will:

  • Protect the visual acuity of your rugs
  • Increase property value
  • Reduce pollutant and dust levels
  • No more bed bug or dust mites
  • Total grime and stain extraction
  • Fair rates, no deposits

Powerful Rug Cleaning Techniques

Steam cleaning – is the most widely used procedure for rug cleaning, as it does its job very fast and extremely efficiently. A high-pressure steam jet is injected deep into the base of your rug, it brings up even the deeply seated dirt and grime particles and reacts with them so they no longer pose a threat. Everything is then drawn out with our powerful vacuum cleaner and stored in a special receptacle; you can see all the residue left over if you choose to. All detergents we use are safe for use around small children and pets and can even act as drug-free allergy relief.

Dry cleaning – is the perfect treatment for natural fibered materials such as silk, cotton and satin and it is the preferred cleaning method for all expensive and exotic Persian and Turkish rugs. It does not use any water or heat to deal with stains, but it still works as effectively as other cleaning treatments that do. It achieves this by utilizing a granules dry substance that is spread over the affected area and embedded into the carpet with a fine brush. Our technicians will wait no longer than 15 minutes then vacuum the entire rug as to remove any contaminants that are left. There is no drying time nor a chance of damaging your rug’s fibers.

Expert Rug Cleaners In London – Make An Appointment Right Away!

Call us now at 020 3746 4440 –  we are one stop cleaning service that will guarantee perfect results every time, no second visits required, we are that effective. You can also submit a booking form on our website or even use our instant chat system, simple as that. The technicians that we’ll dispatch have all IDs, proper clothing and full insurance coverage. They will provide thorough rug cleaning using powerful Prochem detergents and modern machines.

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