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Best Way to Clean Windows Without Streaking


Washing the windows can be a dreaded task, especially due to the streaking which often results from improper cleaning. Thankfully there are ways to easily avoid the unsightly streaks from your newly cleaned windows or mirrors and leave them perfectly shiny and stain-free.

How to Clean Your Home Oven: Step by Step Guide

Every good housewife knows how important is to have a good oven when preparing the food. But, Did you know that a clean oven: Makes food tastier Does not emit harmful fumes into the food from the stuck on burnt carbon and food residue Cooks food faster, so it is more energy efficient Is likely […]

3 Natural Cleaning Substances For Your Home

White Vinegar

Synthetic substances, fabrics or even food have somehow managed to penetrate our daily life to unseen before scale. Needless to say, all is done in the name of progress, comfort and ease. However, it seems that people miss or refuse to recognize an important point in all this. What are the long-term consequences? The use […]

How to clean your carpet from nasty KFC wings stains

KFC chicken stain cleaning

You ordered some dinner from KFC, and unsurprisingly, your son dropped a piece of greasy fried chicken on your carpet? Don’t freak out, but act as quickly as possible to reduce the risks of permanent greasy staining on your carpet. Here is how to clean your carpet out of KFC chicken stains: Remove any excess […]

How to clean Persian rug

Persian rug cleaning

Persian rugs are extremely beautiful, exquisite and attractive. You will also find them by the name of Oriental rug. Though, these are the same things, the same awesome and delicate, in most cases 100% natural rugs. They have been always in fashion, regardless the current interior trends since they represent the idea of luxury and […]

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