How to Get Your Family Involved in Spring Cleaning

It’s quite common to encounter difficulties engaging your family in helping you to clean the house. It can even be qualified as an inner resistance to perform house chores. Why do other family members find it hard to chip in and support the effort to keep the home clean? Could it be the way you present the issue or it’s related to the negative social image of cleaning? Whatever the reasons, if you manage to win over your partner and kids to pull their weight behind you, home cleaning will be a lot easier.

When you get desperate for help, you needn’t call for professional help. You have to learn how to utilize the workforce that’s in your home. Here are 5 smart suggestions to win your family and get your home spotless:

  1. Organization – State loud and clear what and how you intend to do it. You can use a board to assign chores and put it where everyone can see it. Alternatively, print a handout for each family member. Thus you won’t break your back cleaning around while the rest of your family. Besides that spending time cleaning all together will create a feeling of comradeship. You kill two rabbits with one stone.
  2. Set achievable goals – No one likes to fail, even when it comes to window, carpet or furniture cleaning. Moreover, being realistic when you set goals for your kids is important. Assign them task that are easy to do like sweeping, throwing the trash or even tidying their room. No to mention your partner who instead of watching the Sunday football game will run around the house carrying buckets and cleaning supplies.
  3. Everyday engagement – Common mistake is to wait for dust and dirt to accumulate and then try to clean all in a day or two. Instead of working hard, work smart. Make house cleaning a habit, not an Olympic weekend marathon. Set small task, and clean every day! In a matter of days you’ll be able to notice the difference.
  4. Power of choice – Everyone likes to have the opportunity to choose. Give your family a chance to pick a chore, they prefer. Actually, keep the most tricky chores for yourself at least the first time you organize a family clean up. If you see that others can do what you do as good as you, next time spread difficult task evenly.
  5. Be realistic – No matter how much you want it don’t expect to get professional help. Support from your beloved ones is much more valuable than help from a professional carpet cleaning company! Thus leave your carpets cleaning for last and call in expert rug and carpet technicians to lift all the dirt and grime from your home floors to finish a thorough home clean appropriately.

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