How to clean Persian rug

Persian rugs are extremely beautiful, exquisite and attractive. You will also find them by the name of Oriental rug. Though, these are the same things, the same awesome and delicate, in most cases 100% natural rugs. They have been always in fashion, regardless the current interior trends since they represent the idea of luxury and home snugness. But taking care of such a rug might be a tough task – especially when it comes to cleaning the Persian rug. If you wonder how to clean Persian rug without ruining it, too, stay with us and find out right away.

Important notes and pre-treatment for Persian rug cleaning

Before giving you concrete directions for Persian rug cleaning, it is important for us to remind you that such an item is not only luxurious and expensive, but also delicate and tender. The specific thing about its fibres – whether refined, or made of organic materials only. So in all cases, you should be very precise, when cleaning a Persian rug. Have the following important notes in mind and on mandatory, consider the pre-treatment steps we present you:

  • Always test a small amount of the cleaning detergent you have on the back side of the rug to make sure colours won’t fade and fibres won’t tear.
  • Read your Persian rug labels. They might have important information about the specific cleanser to use or the water temperature to prepare. Cool water, though is the best one to clean a Persian rug. With it, you’ll avoid shrinking.
  • Absorb any excess of the dirt or of the fresh spot with a clean cloth or a sponge before stain removal.
  • Begin stain elimination with decent vacuuming. It is also very suitable for common deep Persian rug cleaning. Never underestimate the dust removal process. Dust is one of the biggest enemies to a shiny and fluffy Persian rug. Sweeping is also ok for a quick purge.

How to safely remove stains, bad odour and dirt out of a Persian rug?

If there are no stains, a Persian rug should be thoroughly cleaned once per month. The best way is to shampoo it. Use mild shampoo – specially tailored for delicate rugs or a baby shampoo. Do not leave the rug wet, but line it straight to dry. Bad odour removal should be natural to avoid damages. Use white vinegar in a spray bottle. Apply ammonia with water to remove organic and food stains. Enzyme detergent could be suitable for more stubborn spots.

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