How to Clean a Carpet by Yourself

carpet cleaningAlthough it is highly recommended by carpet manufacturers and retailers that you hire professional carpet cleaners to deep clean your rugs and carpets at least once a year, you can also take some action by yourself. There are some things you can do to make sure that your carpets are healthy, clean and stain free.

Just take some time to properly treat any stains and spills, and to remove the dust, dirt and other residues from your carpets on a regular basis.

Here an easy guide on how to do this by yourself:

Hoover your rugs weekly

Thoroughly hoover the carpeting in order to get as much of the accumulated dust, pollen, dirt, hairs and other residues from it in a timely manner. If you leave the dust and dirt to settle in, it can damage the fibers of your carpet, and your carpeting will lose its beautiful colours, its look, and its longevity. Also, the amounts of the dust mites and other harmful germs residing in it can reach harmful and even dangerous levels if left undisturbed.

Take immediate actions when spills occur

Spills and accidents can happen in any household, so it is important that you know how to handle these unfortunate incidents in a timely, safe and proper manner. First of all – act quickly! This will reduce the risk of staining and further damage to the carpet. Make sure that you remove as much of the liquid or non-liquid substance spilled on your carpet first. Do this with the help of a clean cloth for the former, and with a spoon or spatula or the latter. As soon as you have it removed, start treating the stained area with a damp clean cloth. Blot it gently from the outside towards the middle of the spill. By blotting it, you will help get the substance out without rubbing it further in or around the soiled area. Abstain from scrubbing and rubbing it – as this will actually make the damage worse!

Use minimum amounts of stain removing solutions

Different stains require different treatment, so make sure that you use the proper one when blotting off your spill. Always use as little of the cleaning solution or product as possible. Make sure you rinse it off with a damp cloth after you are done.

Dry the treated spot

After you are done with the stain removal and the rinsing part, use paper towels to cover the area and press them on with a heavy object. This could be necessary in order to get as much of the water out of the carpeting as possible. Oversaturating the carpet with water can cause the growth of mildew, mould and other damage to it.

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