Efficient Hard Floor Cleaning

hard floor cleaningRegular floor maintenance will not only improve the appeal of your hard floor surface, but will also prolong its life, offering a protection from scratches, water and dirt. We at “All House Clean” Ltd. successfully treat stone, tile, vinyl and all types of hardwood floors. Wait no more and call us now – we can arrange an appointment the very same day or even as soon as 30 minutes (depending on availability). Time to have your floor smooth & gleaming once again – call us at 020 3746 4440 and let us handle all these nasty scratches on your precious laminate floor. Our customer support team center is available 24-7. Combined order discounts of up to 20%! Hard floor cleaning Islington, Hackney, Westminster….you only name where and when and leave the rest to us!

Choosing us, you’ll benefit from our hardfloor cleaning service’s  various benefits:

  • Elimination of harmful bacteria
  • Fungi counts reduction
  • Abrasion smoothing
  • Color restoration
  • Reasonable prices
  • Skilful & fully insured cleaners

Trusted Hard Floor Cleaners

Hard floors can be subjected to quite a lot of stress – from foot traffic to furniture movement, spills, dirt, grime and dust. All of these can build up over time and can cause serious problems, not only to the colours but an overall strength of the hard floor. We have a solution to that – natural, biodegradable ingredients which are absolutely allergen free.

Hard floor cleaning is not just a stain removing – the  way we do it is more about color restoration and surface protection. Book us now and have your hardwood floor smooth and gleaming once again!

Efficient Hard Floor Cleaning Techniques

Wooden Floor cleaning is a very essential procedure as it allows us to protect, clean and overall perform maintenance of all of your natural and synthetic wooden floors at the cheapest rates around. As these types of floors are very susceptible to swelling and easy scratching, we can work on the existing protective layer of the floor. If ordered we can reapply some, clean it and make sure that it’s up to par.

Buffing – is used on almost every hard floor type to smooth over any abrasions and scratches that might occur during the lifespan of the flooring. Depending on their depth and severity, we can 99% of the time, successfully remove and smooth over abrasions and even fully remove them. This is good due to several reasons, one being that abrasions are ideal areas for bacterial and fungal growth, undisturbed these colonies can create hazardous byproducts that will not only affect the health of residents but also may cause discolorations and strength loss which can lead to cracking. To counteract this process, you can use a service like ours as we can guarantee the full remove and smoothing of abrasions and scratches.

Steam cleaning – this popular & powerful cleaning method has applications even in hard floor cleaning, with its effective dirt cutting power, it’s easy to see how such a mighty procedure can find use even here. The high-pressure steam jet can easily dislodge any embedded dirt, extracting it fully leaving all small holes and abrasions empty. Especially effective on natural stone and granite, this method combines the desire for results and the lighting fast completion that all clients want.

Order Now!

Call 020 3746 4440 and contact our 24/7 customer support team that will make sure to set up a proper schedule for our visit as well as give you any additional information you require. Book us today and get an unprecedented exert hard floor cleaning at the lowest rates around. We work every day – from Monday til Sunday, from 07:00 to 19:00. The payment methods we accept include – card, bank transfer, cheque and cash.

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