Best Way to Clean Windows Without Streaking

clean_windowsWashing the windows can be a dreaded task, especially due to the streaking which often results from improper cleaning. Thankfully there are ways to easily avoid the unsightly streaks from your newly cleaned windows or mirrors and leave them perfectly shiny and stain-free.

Easy indoor window cleaning

Here are some tested ideas are given by the window cleaning pros. If you are cleaning your mirror or indoor glass, you can try out the following home-made solution and window cleaning method which will leave the surface perfectly clean and without a single streak in view:

Make your cleaning solution

Mix a quarter cup of white vinegar and the same amount of Isopropyl alcohol with two cups of hot water and add a tablespoon of cornstarch plus a few drops of essential oil of your choice for some added aroma. Pour the home-made cleaning solution in a spray bottle and shake it well.

Wash the windows

Use the spray bottle to spray the surface of your windows. Hold it at about 6-8 inches away and cover the entire window or mirror with an even layer of the solution. Use a lint-free soft cloth to wipe the solution off of the glass. To keep the starch from clogging the spray bottle always shake it vigorously before use.

Efficient outdoor window cleaning

Get your instruments ready

For the best results in leaning outdoor windows, you should use a squeegee with a rubber blade. This tool is specifically designed to help you clean the windows easily and to ensure that there are no leftover streaks when you are done.

Prepare DIY cleaning solution

You can make a mixture of a bucket of hot water with a few tablespoons of dishwashing detergent, or use equal amounts of white vinegar and hot water instead.

Clean the windows

Apply the cleaning solution of your choice with the help of a sponge or with a window scrubber if you cannot reach the window. Use the rubber squeegee to remove the solution. Use reverse ā€œSā€ shaped movements for larger windows long vertical strips on smaller ones.

Make sure you start from a clean strip and move your way downwards. Use the lint-free cloth to wipe off the edge of your squeegee after each strip. If you still can see excess water on some of the edges, use a chamois to absorb it and leave the glass streak free.

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