How to Clean Windows with a Newspaper

window cleaningNewspapers are perfect for cleaning windows and leaving them shiny and stain free for long! This classic window cleaning method is very easy and yet highly efficient.
Here are a few steps you need to take to clean your windows with the help of old newspapers:

Prepare your spray

You can use commercial window cleaning solution or make your own one at home, depending on your preferences. For a home-made window cleaning solution, all you need to do is mix

  • a quarter of a cup of white distilled vinegar
  • and two cups of warm water

Pour it into a spray bottle for easy application and use. If your windows are particularly dirty and stained, you may want to add half a teaspoon of liquid dish washing soap to your mixture.

Apply the solution to the windows

Either spray it on the entire surface evenly or apply it with a sponge or lint free cloth. Wipe it with your cloth and then proceed to wipe and shine it with crumpled up newspaper.

Get a newspaper

Crumple up your newspaper and use it to clean and shine the window by using circular movements first and then proceeding with vertical ones, and ending with long horizontal strokes. Throw away the newspaper once it gets over saturated and get a new one to go ahead with the finishing touches of your window cleaning.

If you have white vinyl window frames, keep in mind that the ink from the newspaper can cause colouring and stains, so avoid cleaning the white frames with the newspapers and use a clean cloth instead. Some people recommend using plain paper coffee filters to clean the windows and frames, so you may try this alternative window washing method as well!

If you can still spot some stubborn stains on the glass after you are done with the cleaning and shining, use fine steel wool and a soft towel to rub them off. Spray some of the vinegar and water solution on the stain and proceed with the rubbing. Once the stain is removed, use the newspaper to wash it off and make the window nice and clean once again.

Apply a protective clear polymer

Once you are done with the window washing, you may want to apply a protective clear polymer coating to ensure that your windows remain clean for longer. This can be done by spraying it or rubbing it on the window, and after that wiping it off and polishing the surface with an old newspaper. If you need other tips regarding window cleaning feel free to contact our experts any time.


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