How to Clean Natural Stone Kitchen Floor

clean stone kitchen floorNatural stone kitchen floors give the entire kitchen a classic and stylish look, but the problem is that if they are not properly and regularly sealed they can become soiled easily as a result of all the foodstuffs, oils and liquids which tend to be spilled there.

Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips

which will help you keep your natural stone kitchen floor look flawless, clean and sanitized:

#1 Use a little neutral pH soap, such as Dove and water to regularly wash your natural stone kitchen floor safely, without risking damage to the porous and sensitive stone floor surface.

#2 Always rinse and then dry off the stone kitchen floor after washing it.

#3 Do not use acidic cleaning solutions, vinegar or lemon juice to clean your natural stone floor, especially before performing a test on a small inconspicuous area and watching for negative reactions. If you need to do some more serious cleaning, use a small amount of ammonia with water to do so. Remember to never mix ammonia and bleach or different chemicals and solutions because this could cause dangerous fumes.

#4 Clean your stone floor with a soft cloth, a sponge or a soft brush, so as not to scratch the stone. Soft stones are very easily scratched. Granite and marble can take some more serious scrubbing if necessary as they are in the hard stone category.

#5 Take care of spills as soon as possible. Blot them out without rubbing them with dry paper towels until all excess liquid or solid is gone, then proceed to wash with the neutral dishwashing soap and water, rinse and dry.

#6 Oily substance spilled on the stone floor can cause permanent or very difficult to remove oily stains. Blot off the spilled oil and apply talcum powder or a paste made of cornstarch and water. Let the paste sit for a day or two, if possible so that the oil is absorbed fully. If necessary, repeat the process. You can also apply baking soda on the oily spot, cover it and let it sit.

#7 For food, coffee and other spills and stains use water and a tiny amount of ammonia to gently clean them.

#8 If the kitchen natural stone floor has become very soiled, you can use a mixture of water and oxygenated water to wash the floor.

It is recommended that you use the services of a professional stone floor cleaning company at least once a year to properly clean and seal your natural stone floor.

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