How to Clean Area Rug at the Car Wash

clean area rug If you are wondering how to easily clean your dirty area rug, then taking it to your local car wash could be the best and easiest solution for you. Smaller area rugs can be washed in the washing machine or in the bath tub, but if yours is larger, all you need to do is roll it up and take it to the car wash with you.

Check any labels

Before proceeding with the cleaning, check any labels or instructions on the rug to see if there are specific requirements for the cleaning process. If there are no written instructions available, you should perform a test with some water and the cleaning solution you are planning to use on a small and relatively hidden spot on the rug to ensure that it can handle the water and detergent without any negative reaction.

Prepare a DIY cleaner

You can make your own cleaning solution by mixing water and white vinegar with some mild washing detergent, or water and ammonia. If the test shows no harmful side effects, your rug is ready to be deep cleaned.

And, action!

You should hoover it thoroughly or hang it on a sturdy fence to beat as much of the dirt and dust accumulated in it first.

After you are done, lay it flat on the ground or clip it up against the wall of the car wash and proceed with the washing. Spray it down with the high-pressure soap at your washing facility and if it is particularly soiled, use a brush to scrub off the dirt and residues.

You can repeat the shampooing once again, to ensure that you have sanitized the area rug properly before rinsing it off. Rinse the rug thoroughly with the high-pressure equipment, and continue until clean and clear water comes out of the rug.

After you are done, try to squeeze out as much of the water from it as possible. This can be done by rolling the rug tight and stepping on it or applying pressure on it until the water is rinsed off. Place some old towels on the ground and lay the mat on top, so that more of the water is absorbed.

Let it dry

After the squeezing, roll it up and take it home. Lay it flat on the ground of your backyard or patio and let it dry completely. If you have a particularly colourful or delicate rug, avoid leaving it under the direct sunlight for long, as it could cause the colours to fade. Make sure that the rug is completely dry before placing it back on the floor inside.

If you are not sure if you want to go through this process alone, you can always ask our expert carpet cleaners for help!

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