How to Clean a Carpet With Home Products

clean_carpetCleaning carpets can be both a difficult and an expensive task at times. Buying professional detergents will get the job done but they are a bit expensive. You can rent a professional carpet cleaning machine. But that will still end up expensive because you have to buy the shampoo for it.

So, in this article, we will talk about how to make cleaning detergents all from your household cleaning products. Choosing the right detergent is important. Do that by taking in mind what you have to clean.

Liquid dish soap solution

The most simple detergent you can do in a minute is to mix some liquid dish soap with warm water. A 1/4 teaspoon of detergent to a cup of warm water will give you a basic cleaning solution with little residue. If this is not your desired amount make sure to add more dish soap and water by still keeping to the proportions. You can use this solution in a carpet cleaning machine or scrub it in a rug with a rag or a sponge.

Household cleaning solution

Another thing you can make is a household cleaning solution based on household cleaners.

DIY cleaning solution

To prepare your own home cleaning solution you’ll need:

Half a cup of an all-purpose household cleaner
Half a cup of fabric softener
A cup of ammonia
3-4 liters of warm water

You can use this solution to clean and soften your carpet. It can also be used in a carpet cleaning machine or to scrub it into a carpet with a rag or a sponge mop. Make sure to vacuum the residue after the carpet is dry.

Laundry detergent

To make your own laundry detergent you have to mix a 1 to 10 ratio of laundry detergent and warm water. Use it in a carpet cleaning machine. It will clean your carpet without creating any foam. It will also leave it clean with a freshly laundered smell. Make sure to vacuum the residue when the carpet dries.

Powdered detergent

To create this solution you will have to mix:

  • Half a cup of powdered detergent
  • One teaspoon of ammonia
  • One liter of warm water

Mix all this in a bowl while stirring it to create a froth. Use it to rub across the whole carpet. Use a sponge or a clean cloth to do so. You may, however, need to stir each time to get more froth. After the carpet dries to make sure to vacuum it to remove any residue that may have been left.

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