Cleaning Hacks

7 Easy DIY Cleaning Hacks that are Safe

The need for cleaning every corner of your home can arise anytime. The everyday cleaning process can become a daunting routine at times which requires a break sometimes. Those who cannot afford to housekeep or do not want one usually lookout for smart alternatives. Here are some easy to learn DIY cleaning hacks which can ease off your overwhelming cleaning routine.

Buff surfaces with olive oil

olive oil Olive oil is usually known for its health benefits, but surprisingly it can also turn into a cleaning agent for your house. It can be effective in cleaning steel items and can scrub out all the dirty spots with ease.

Add lemons or limes over garbage

If you do not have the habit of keeping your garbage out every day, you can use this quick hack to deodorize and clean garbage disposals. Simply cut the lemon into four pieces and put it into the disposal and hopeful it will not stink anymore.

Use vodka for carpet stains

carpet stains Clear vodka can be a great cleaning hack for cleaning up stains from carpets. You can also use white wine to do the same. First, you will need to blot the stain and then pour one of the clear alcohols that you have on the stain. It can work way better than house cleaning products without damaging the carpets.

Use shaving cream for water stains

Shaving cream can be an effective ingredient for cleaning water stains from the shower glass. You will simply need to apply shaving cream on the stains and let is sit for 15 minutes. Wipe off with a clean cloth or a wiper for a crystal clear result.

Baking soda/vinegar for cleaning the tub

Use this quick tip to clean your bathtub completely. Mix a cup of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda with hot water and pour the entire solution into the tub and allow it to rest for five minutes. Next, you will need to add some more hot water until it is completely full and then release the drain to rinse the tub thoroughly.

Steam microwave with lemon oil

 lemon oil You can use some essential oils to clean your microwave. Add 12-15 drops of lemon oil into a cup with a half cup of water. Let the solution microwave for 5-10 minutes until it condenses and reaches all corners of the inside of the microwave. Next, take a cloth to wipe off the walls for a clean finish.

Use rubber gloves for pet hair

If your vacuum is ineffective in taking out pet hair from your carpet, you can use a pair of rubber gloves to get your work done. Use the gloves to clean down any areas that need extra cleaning. Rubber can be elastic and catch the pet hair that is stuck in the tough spots. Later you can wash the gloves easily underwater.