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carpet cleaning EnfieldCarpets are widely preferred flooring type because they bring high levels of comfort and improve indoor air quality and the aesthetics of the room they are placed in. Carpets though have some disadvantages too – over time they amass large amounts of filth and germs. Due to their fabrics structure, some of the stains they have, become extremely hard to extract. This is where we come in.
With more than 9 years of experience, we can provide you a professional carpet cleaning service in Enfield EN till the end of the day at an unmatchable price. Booking us will guarantee you full stains and germs removal.
So why wait any longer? Grab your phone and dial 020 3746 4440. Call us anytime you want – we have a call center ready to take your calls 24/7. Our skilled & fully insured carpet cleaners are available 7/7 + weekends and holidays. We have powerful equipment which guarantees us great results. When speaking of detergent choice – we only use Prochem products because they are powerful yet non-harmful to your kids & pets.

Hire All House Clean and you’ll get:

  • Full removal of stains (coffee, beer, wine, ink, urine)
  • Full germs elimination & disinfection
  • Carpet color rejuvenation
  • Expert post-cleaning advising
  • Quick drying solutions upon request

Efficient Carpet Cleaning Techniques For Great Results

During all these years of expert carpet cleaning, we have designed our service to deliver high levels of efficiency at a price below the average in the industry. The carpet cleaners we’ll sent you come in team of two, both strict and experienced. They are instructed to always perform a profound fabric checkup so that they could accurately appoint a cleaning technique that will cope with all the dirt and microbes, without harming your carpet’s tissue.
We mainly use two carpet cleaning methods – hot water extraction and dry cleaning. The first method ( also known as steam cleaning) uses very hot water, mixed with chemicals in order to deeply penetrate your carpet’s tissue and remove all dirt particles and microbes amassed in. All that slime is then sucked off with a powerful vacuum cleaner. We use this method mainly for synthetic or blended carpet types. The other carpet cleaning technique we apply is called dry cleaning. In this case, we would apply a shampoo or some dry compound onto the carpet’s surface and let it mix with the tissues for awhile. Then we would suck that filthy mixture off, thus removing all stains, smell and germs. This method is widely preferred because it is fast and has almost no drying time.

Carpet Types We Treat

There are no limitations for us – we can easily clean all three major carpet styles: cut pile, loop pile and of course the combination of cut and loop pile carpets. In terms of fabric types, we also cover it all – wool, synthetic or blended, we treat them all.
Remember that, we only use eco-friendly detergents, that when properly applied will never cause harm to your carpet fabrics, nor to your family and domestic animals.

Book Our Skilled Carpet Cleaners Harrow HA Now!

As mentioned above, we are highly flexible in terms of booking – if you call now at 020 3746 4440 you can have your carpet cleaned within two hours. You won’t be asked to pay any deposit; you will never be surprised by hidden fees – our prices are fixed. Also, you don’t need to be at home – as a fully insured & professional carpet cleaning company in Harrow HA, we offer you a safe key pick up and cleaning session.
With us by your side, your favorite carpet will shine again at a price that will fascinate you!

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