8 Home Spring Cleaning & Maintenance Musts

As an established carpet cleaning company, we at All House Clean will tell you that there isn’t anything more important than cleaning for the upcoming spring. However, we want to add that seasonal maintenance checks are also vital. Thus we have made a list of 8 musts for you to carry out this spring.

Home Cleaning

Well, as professional cleaners we will start with 3 cleaning ideas for your 2014 spring cleaning season:

Carpet and Rugs

We would advise you to give your home carpet or rugs special attention. You have two options – either to hire a professional carpet cleaning company or do the job yourself. According to us both ways work provided that your carpets aren’t too dirty or you hire a less than reputable carpet cleaning company that causes more harm than good.


Clean your windows inside and out. You can use either store-bought or homemade cleaner. For the homemade recipe use one cup water, one cup rubbing alcohol and tablespoon of white vinegar. Use a soft cloth or squeegee to apply cleaning solution.

General Cleaning

Spring is just the time to pay attention to areas that get often neglected. For example, you can launder or dry clean draperies and other delicate fabrics, clean vinyl, textile or wood blinds. Consider vacuum cleaning mattresses and upholstered furniture or even hiring an expert to steam clean them. Another areas of your home like window casings, ceiling fans or tops of cabinets can be dusted.


The behind it is to check whether there are any reasons for concern. You don’t have to carry out any repair work by yourself. In fact, it’s best to leave it to professional traders who have the experience and right tools to do the job. You can even hire a company to carry out the check out of your property in case you don’t feel confident enough in your abilities. However, if you like to do it, here are five suggestions for you to start from. Keep in mind the list isn’t exhaustive.


You can spot any problems with a keen eye or use binoculars. If you spot missing or cracked shingles take appropriate actions to replace them asap. Check for buildup of leaves or other debris.


Inspect exterior walls for damaged areas. Look carefully under eaves or near gutter downspouts. Presence of water stains indicates that gutters aren’t doing good job containing roof runoffs. If you have wood siding check for openings which create opportunities for woodpeckers, ants and other critters to cause damage.


Be alert for cracks. Routine caulking won’t help in case you spot any. You will need to employ the services of a foundation professional.


Checking whether caulking and weather stripping is intact will ensure that leakage around windows doesn’t happen in the months to come. Otherwise warm summer air will enter your home while cooled air escapes. Another possible issue to look out for is condensation inside double or triple-glazed windows. It means the seal is compromised and the window/glass has to be replaced immediately.


Spring is the most suitable time to start checking for leaky pipes, faucets, kitchen appliances or clogged drains. Check washing machine hoses for cracks and other signs of trouble.

Have a nice and easy spring cleaning adventure this time of the year.

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