How to Clean Your Fridge in 30 Minutes

fridge_cleaningMany people don’t bother cleaning their refrigerators regularly, but the fact is – cleaning will improve the performance and energy efficiency of your fridge, and will also ensure it lasts and serves you longer. Cleaning it will take you less than 30 minutes, but you will be amazed at the improved look inside once you are done.

Here is how to clean your refrigerator in less than 30 minutes:

Unplug the fridge

Unplug it, if it needs serious cleaning and scrubbing, and if you are going to need to keep the door open for long. If you don’t care about leaving the door open, while the fridge is working and if the shelves are removable then leave it plugged in.

Empty the fridge

You need to take out absolutely everything out of the fridge. Place the entire foodstuff on your countertop. Now is a great time to throw away any items which have expired dates, or smell funny.

Remove all the shelves, drawers, and everything that is removable from your fridge. Wash all shelves, drawers and other removable compartments with a soft cloth and soapy water. If your sink can fit them or you have a bathtub, it is easier to soak them in the soapy water and wash them there.

Clean it thoroughly

Now clean the inside of the fridge by spraying the walls, door and everything with multi-purpose cleaning solution. Wipe it with a damp cloth and use a nonabrasive sponge to get some of the tougher residues.

Make sure you clean the crevices, the shelf seams and the rubber seal on the door. You can use a toothbrush to get into the crevices.

Put everything back

Before putting back the food in the fridge, make sure you wipe everything down with a damp cloth, especially, jars, bottles and other containers.

Plug the fridge in

Now you can proceed to clean the exterior. Remove any magnets or other things stuck on the door and use a cloth dampened with soapy water. Then dry the washed area with a paper towel or a dry cloth. Use special stainless steel cleaner if your fridge is stainless steel. You may need to wash the magnets and other stuff you keep on your fridge door before putting them back on. Don’t forget to clean on top of the fridge and beneath it – with the help of a stick with a cloth.

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